Salesian Highschool

Salesian High School


Mission Statement

The Joseph and Mercedes McMicking Foundation was created by its benefactors, Joseph and Mercedes McMicking, to benefit education for children in need.

Our Goals

The goals of our foundation are:

  • To be an example of charitable giving to children of all ethnic groups and ages.
  • To support curriculum in K-12 schools and at the university level in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • To assist major museums and cultural organizations with their educational programs for children and families in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Board Members

  • Joseph C.M. Hall, President
  • Roderick C.M. Hall, Chairman of the Board
  • Consuelo Hall McHugh
  • Alaistair C.H. McHugh
  • Henry C. McMicking, Secretary/Treasurer
  • H. Andrew McMicking Hall
  • Brent McMicking
  • Kate Trevelyan-Hall
  • Miriam deQuadros, Executive Director